We Can Beat 0%

We Can Beat 0%Call Us Before You Sign On The Dotted Line!

Yes, it’s true! Sometimes it is possible to save more money by NOT financing at 0%.

First of all, only about 10% of consumers actually qualify for this option. If you are not one of the fortunate few, the dealers will do all they can to finance you in other ways, sometimes at very high interest rates.

Second, if you do qualify, most of the time it’s a choice between a cash rebate -or- 0% financing. At first thought, it might seem like 0% will always be the best deal. Not so fast! Until you “do the math,” you might be paying more.

Think of it this way, the rebates and incentives that are not discounting the purchase price is just like paying interest charges because it increases the purchase price. The dealers are charging you hidden interest, it’s just not obvious to many people and they hope you don’t notice.

Always ask the dealer about ALL the rebates and incentives you qualify for. That’s FREE MONEY! Once the purchase price is discounted by the rebates, calculate the total interest you will pay if you were to finance with a low interest rate loan with Leyden Credit Union.

If the total calculated loan interest paid amount is Less Than the rebate amount, you would actually Save Money by taking the rebates and finance with a traditional low interest rate loan. No Kidding!

Not only are you paying less interest over the life of the loan, your monthly payments will be lower because you’re financing a lower amount compared to the price without rebates (assuming the loan term length is equal).

If you were to Google Search for information on zero percent financing, you can find a wealth of information from trusted sources to educate yourself about this topic.

Leyden Credit Union is in the business of helping members save money. Don’t finance with a car dealer. They want to “make a sale.” Leyden Credit Union wants to “Make a Relationship.”

Please talk to one of our Financial Services Representatives. We’ll prequalify you for your next car loan and help you make the best choice that’s right for you.

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