Refinance Your Car – Reduce Your Rate By 1.5%

This month, we’re offering MONSTER SAVINGS when you refinance your car loan.

We will reduce your rate by 1.5% APR.





“The process was easy and did not take long.” –Denise Villasenor, Member

Do the Math!  Do the MONSTER MATH!

Example:  $30,736.01 Loan | 60 Months

  • Interest
    • At 4.55%:  $3,688.93
    • At 3.05%:  $2,443.66
    • Savings:  $1,245.27

Refinance is for the remaining termNO extra payments!

LIMITED TIME OFFER!  Expires on Halloween!

Subject to qualification. Restrictions apply. FLOOR RATE IS 2.9% APR. Offer does not apply to existing LCU auto loans. Offer valid from October 1-31, 2019. Promotion is valid only on loans of $10,000 or more for 36 months or more. Documentation of current loan must be presented. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.


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