Check Reorder

Checks can be re-ordered online (assuming no changes of name, address, etc.) by clicking the link below. This is a secure Internet site provided by Main Street Inc. (formerly Legacy Member Services), our check vendor.



In order to use this service, your previous check order must be from Legacy Member Services and you will need the reorder form from your most recent order.

This website cannot be used for new orders. New orders must be completed by contacting Leyden Credit Union.

If you wish to view check styles available, [click here].

As of February 1, 2014, Leyden Credit Union has partnered with a new check printing vendor. Any check reorder form received prior to this date will not work with the reorder link above. You must contact Leyden Credit Union for your next check order. The reorder form received with your newest order after February 1, 2014 will work with the reorder link above.

Leyden Credit Union has partnered with a check printing vendor as a convenience to our members that wish to order directly with us. You are not required to order your checks with Leyden Credit Union, you are free to choose any check printing vendor to print your checks.

However, if you choose to use an alternative check printing vendor, please contact Leyden Credit Union FIRST so we can provide you accurate processing information for your check order. Failing to do so may cause us to reject your checks if proper account information is not printed on them!

Please note that your first order placed with an alternate vendor may be delayed for account verification (required in Illinois under 205 ILCS 690).

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