Money Savers

Loan Refinances

Leyden Credit Union prides itself on offering low-rate loans. If you have any loans at another financial institution, you may be able to save money every month by refinancing at Leyden Credit Union. Please call 847.455.8440 and ask for a Loan Officer. This includes Car Loans. With autos, members generally save the equivalent of 2-3 payments. However, we’d had several members save over $1,000!

Credit Card Relief Loan

If you have a high balance and a high rate on a credit card, it’s time for relief! Save money with our Credit Card Relief Loan. We’ll pay off your balance and give you a Relief Loan at only 9% APR for 24 or 36 months. Members have saved thousands with this loan! For complete details, please click HERE.

LCU Checking Account

Our Basic Checking Account is FREE with a $300 per month Direct Deposit. If you don’t have a Direct Deposit, it’s only $2 per month. There are no hoops to jump through! There are no debit card purchase requirements and there are no minimum balance requirements.

GAP Coverage on Your Car

Guaranteed Auto Protection, or GAP, is for when your auto gets stolen or damaged and deemed a total loss. If this happens, you are responsible to pay the difference between what you owe and what your insurance company says your car is worth. GAP will cover the amount that is still owed on your car. Getting GAP at LCU is very reasonable at only $349. We’ve seen car dealerships charge anywhere from $599 to $699. If you’re getting your car financed from a dealer, make sure to ask how much GAP costs. We’ve heard stories of some dealers just adding it on and unless you’re reviewing all costs line by line, you may not even know they added $699. Keep in mind, that if the dealer is offering the same rate as LCU, they may be charging you $400 more on GAP and it would be in your best interest to finance your car at LCU and save $400.00.

Enterprise Car Sales

If you purchase a car from Enterprise Car Sales, there’s a special low rate from Leyden Credit Union:  only 2.9% APR for UP TO 60 MONTHS!  A 72 month loan is only 3.9% APR.  Click HERE for more information on Enterprise Car Sales.

TrueStage Insurance Partner

TruStage insurance products help members protect what matters most. Backed by nearly 80 years of working in partnership with credit unions and their members, you’ll find products and programs for life, car, accidental death and dismemberment, home, and more. Also, they’re only available to credit union members like you. To learn more, get quotes, or just explore, visit

CUNA Mutual

CUNA Mutual Group is committed to helping members achieve financial success and is a trusted source for personalized investment planning and guidance through CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc. Please visit

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