Overdraft Lines of Credit

Take advantage of the opportunity to pay bills anytime during the month without worrying about balancing your checkbook to the penny.

With an Overdraft Line of Credit, the amount needed to cover the checks that post to your account will automatically be deposited to checking in multiples of $100. When this occurs, you will receive a notice and have the choice of leaving the amount as a loan and making a monthly payment, or paying the balance in full via LAURA (audio response) or Leyden On-Line (home banking).

The cost is just pennies a day (less than 5¢ a day per hundred dollars advanced). Interest rate is determined by the qualified line of credit limit.

Why pay a NSF (Nonsufficient Funds Fee) when you can have this low-cost and convenient protection ?

Overdraft Line of Credit is also a great alternative to Pay Day Loans.

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