Overcome Anxiety About Your Money

Posted on June 27th, 2019 by lcuadmin

Many people have financial anxiety that can cause stress, haunting you day-to-day as you try to figure out how to get by with what’s in your savings account. In 2016, a Northwestern Mutual study found that 85% of Americans felt a level of anxiety around money, causing negative impacts on their health, social lives, and […]

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Types of Saving Accounts

Posted on June 26th, 2019 by lcuadmin

As a credit union serving River Grove, we know how important it is for you to be able to receive loans and credit cards when you need them. As for Savings Accounts, there are many options.  You should know all your options and which one would help you the most when it comes to saving […]

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ATM Scam

Posted on May 30th, 2019 by lcuadmin

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR ATM SKIMMING.  With skimming, scammers place a small device over the card-reader of an ATM and it blends into the normal look of an ATM panel so it won’t be noticed.  A small camera is also placed to view PIN codes as they are entered.  This allows a scammer to […]

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Protecting Our Seniors

Posted on May 29th, 2019 by lcuadmin

Recently, I discussed a few steps that you could take to protect your children from Identity Theft.  Now, I’m headed to the other side of the age spectrum and want to discuss protecting our seniors.  All the employees at our credit union Franklin Park just went through mandatory training on Financial Exploitation of the Elderly.  We’re […]

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All About Credit Unions

Posted on May 28th, 2019 by lcuadmin

Did you know that credit unions work similarly as banks, but they actually have a different main goal? Our credit union near Elmhurst is here to help you figure out if a credit union is right for you.  As you will see, our goal or mission statement is “Working to improve our members’ financial well-being.” […]

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