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Make fast and secure payments at participating merchants with your device wherever AndroidPay is accepted, both in stores and in apps, when you see the AndroidPay logo. As always, you may continue to use your actual card at merchants that do not accept AndroidPay.

You are assigned a unique number for your device. In your AndroidPay account settings, you’ll see a unique Device Account Number listed under your card number. This new number improves security because it can only be used with your device. You should refer to this number whenever a AndroidPay merchant asks for the last 4 digits of your card number. This number will also be printed on sales receipts of AndroidPay purchases. If you authorize multiple devices with your card, each will have its own Device Account Number.

Members are encouraged to use AndroidPay for purchases whenever possible to significantly reduce the chances of experiencing card fraud. Using AndroidPay never exposes your actual card information to merchants so it can never be stolen during a security breach. Using AndroidPay is actually the safest and most secure way to make a purchase. It’s even safer and faster than chip cards!

We hope you find the use of AndroidPay to be easy and convenient for all your payment needs.

To learn about adding your Leyden Credit Union Debit or Credit card to your AndroidPay digital wallet, please visit the following website.

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