Visa To Introduce Extra Security Measures Online

Published on July 13th, 2018

In the near future, Visa will be increasing its security measures to combat fraud for online purchases.  For the consumer, this means that you may see additional security screens to successfully complete a transaction online. This extra security measure is used to verify your identity during the checkout process.

The verification process will send a pass code by text message to your cell phone or to your email address. You will use that pass code to identify yourself during checkout and successfully complete your online transaction.

In order to be prepared for this security process, we must have your current cell phone number and email address on file in order for you to receive your pass codes. You will be unable to complete your online transaction if we do not have accurate contact information for you.

Note that a security pass code will not be required for every online transaction. Visa will determine when this extra security measure is necessary to verify your identity.

It is extremely important that LCU has your correct cell phone number and e-mail address on our system. Please feel free to ask any employee to confirm that we have your current and accurate contact information.

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