How I Saved $300 in One Hour

Published on February 23rd, 2021

I bet your parents told you about shopping around and comparing prices so that you can save money.  Today, many of us have less time than our parents had and when it comes to saving money, how much can we really save?  You may say, “Aren’t most products and services priced close enough that it is not really worth my time to save a few dollars?”  That may be the case sometimes, but not always.

Recently my mother and I went to the eye doctor.  After our appointments, my mom suggested we take our prescriptions elsewhere to save money.

We went across the street to a national eye center.  The woman helping me called my insurance to see if glasses are covered, which they weren’t, but she said she could give me 30% off.  The frame, the lenses, and other extras came out to be $501.00.  I said I really didn’t want to spend 500 bucks on glasses and she said she could go as low as $444.00.  Not bad.  A little whining would have saved me $57.  However, a year ago I was at another eye center and I paid about $375 or so for an exam plus new glasses.  I told her I need to check out the other place again.

Please keep in mind that this not a local small business and that losing a customer like me would hurt them.  This place was a major chain with 529 locations nationwide.

My mom suggested going to the “big box” store where she is a member.  Why not?  We were in the area.  We went to their eye center and I gave them my prescription and picked out a frame.  The frame, lenses, and extras came out to be $193.  Wow!  That is $308 less than the $501 dollars at the other place and $251 less than the $444 they would have charged me after I said I did not want to spend $500.

How about that!  In less than an hour, I was able to save $300.  Three-hundred dollars for a similar product and all I had to do was go down the street to another retailer.

The obvious lesson is that shopping around can save you money.  However, another take-away is that you may think that some products are not negotiable, but they actually are.  When I said I didn’t want to pay $500, I wasn’t expecting her to say they could do $444.  Right there, I would have saved $57.  Sometimes you just have to ask.

When I purchase musical instruments/gear, I will ask the sales person, “Is there anything you can do on the price?” and almost every time they say, “Let me check.”  They look at the computer and they say, “Sure.  I can give it to you for ‘x- amount.’”  Just ask.  The worst they can say is no.



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