New Year’s Financial Resolutions

Published on December 31st, 2018

Banking near Schiller Park is never easier with Leyden Credit Union. Here are just a few New Year’s Resolutions that Leyden Credit Union can help you accomplish!


Saving is never easy, regardless of the size of your income. But saving is an investment in your future and security, and as such it deserves dedication. As a general rule of thumb, 20% of your monthly income should go to savings, 50% to necessities, and 30% to discretionary funds. Set up automatic transfers to your savings from your checking. This way the saving process is automated and that money won’t even be missed. Set up a savings account by banking near Schiller Park with Leyden Credit Union!

Unexpected Income

Many of us receive unexpected income throughout the year, whether it be in the form of birthday money, Christmas gifts, a bonus, or inheritance. It may be tempting to see this additional money as funds for non-essential purchases like shopping, eating out, or coffee. Instead of spending that money on superfluous purchases, put it directly towards your savings or paying down debts. Whether it is $25 for your birthday or a $500 bonus, put that money toward investing in your financial future.

Give Money

Start a tradition of philanthropy and make that part of your yearly financial budget. Charitable donations are tax-deductible, so you can give to the needy and save on your taxes. Charitable donations also serve to teach you the value of money which will help you to organize and better budget your own finances.

Financial Software

The best way to understand your finances and where you should budget is by tracking your spending. There are many helpful financial apps and software that do just that. Financial software will be able to show you just how much money you spent on coffee last month, and where your budget could use a little trimming. By tracking your spending habits month to month and even year to year, you can get an accurate grasp on where your income is going and if you need to make some changes in your spending habits.

Get a handle on your finances this 2018 by becoming a member of Leyden Credit Union. Open an account and talk to one of our Financial Services Representatives. Also, we will see if we can save you money by refinancing a loan. Start being proactive about your financial future by banking near Schiller Park, contact Leyden Credit Union today!


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