Why You Should Get Your Car Loan at A Credit Union

Published on October 3rd, 2018

When you think of where to go for an auto loan, the places that come to mind are probably a bank or the car dealer. While they do offer auto loans, consider getting your car loan at a credit union. Credit unions usually have lower interest rates, user-friendly loans and many other benefits for getting an auto loan near Elmhurst.

Lower Interest Rates

The leading reason that credit unions are seeing growth in auto loans is because their interest rates are, on average, one percent lower than banks.  At Leyden Credit Union we offer 100% financing with up to 72 months repayment.  Rates are as low as 1.9% APR for new vehicles for 36 months.

User-Friendly Loan

When you turn to Leyden Credit Union for your auto loans near Elmhurst, you can expect to get a fast and easy process, including an online loan application and eSign. We offer auto loans for both new and used cars, trucks and SUVs, so you can get a vehicle that best meets your needs and budget.

Unlike commercial banks, credit unions work for their members and aren’t driven to sell you anything. They don’t get any type of compensation for selling something like commercial bankers do. All profits at credit unions end up going back to members in the form of better rates on other financial products.

Other Benefits

Credit unions are focused on educating their members, so you can get advice on the financial options that are best for you.  Leyden Credit Union also offers their members free financial counseling through their partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness.  Auto loans are a huge part of what credit unions do.

If you are interested in an auto loan near Elmhurst, contact Leyden Credit Union. We have helped many members find the loan that is right for them. Call us at 847-455-8440.


Source: U.S. News

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