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Service Charges+

All Service Charges are approved by Leyden Credit Union's Board of Directors. Since not all members request particular services, costs incurred by LCU are passed on only to the appropriate parties.

Member Service Charges

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Account Closed within 1 year $25.00
Returned Mail (Bad Address) $5.00 per item
Fax Service $3.00 (5 pages maximum)
Outgoing Wire Transfer/W.U. $15.00 - Domestic
$35.00 - Int'l (less than $500)
$55.00 - Int'l (more than$500)
VISA Gift Cards $3.00/ea.
VISA TravelMoney Cards $5.00/ea.
Money Order $2.00/ea.
IL Vehicle Sticker $4.00/ea.
Cashier's Check Withdrawal $3.00 (limit 3 per month)
Corporate Check $1.00/ea. (first 3 per month free)
Check Deposit Returned NSF $15.00/ea.
$20.00/ea. (LCU loan payment)
Collection $25.00 per item
Copy of Statement $1.00 per page
Retrieval of Documents
(up to 1 yr.)
$0.50 per item ; $5.00 minimum
Tax Information by Telephone $2.00
Funds Transfer by Telephone $3.00
Balance Inquiry by Telephone $3.00
Audio Response (LAURA) FREE
Transaction History Printed $1.00 (over the counter)
$2.00 (by mail)
Verification for Mortgages $10.00 (ex CU America Mortgage)
$15.00 (by fax)
Stop Payment on LCU Corp. Check $15.00
Dormant Account Closure $10.00
Legal Processing $100.00
Inactive Membership
(after 12 months)
$5.00 per month
IRA Annual Service Fee $25.00 per year
IRA Closure $10.00
Admin. Fee - Closing Membership $10.00
Garnishment/Legal Action Fee $50.00
Cash Payroll Check of $200 or more (with savings only and balance under $100) $10.00

Checking Accounts

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Monthly Usage Charge
(Basic Checking Account)
(waived with qualifying Direct Deposit)
Under Minimum Balance
(Premier Chkg)
NSF Fee (Bounced Check) $30.00
Automatic Overdraft from Savings $5.00
Overdraft Line of Credit Loan FREE
Business Chkg (New/Open) $25.00 one-time setup
Business Chkg Service Charge $10.00 per month
Business Chkg Under Min. Balance $10.00 per month
Tiered Money Market Checks $10.00/ea. over 3 per month
Stop Payment of checks $25.00
Photocopy of Paid Check $3.00/ea. up to 5 ($1.00/ea. additional + doc. retrvl. fee)
$4.50 faxed copy
Request to Reconcile of Statement $20.00 per hour ; min. of 1 hour
Closed by LCU for Misuse $25.00
Re-open Account $5.00 each account (suffix)
Temporary Checks (existing accounts) $1.00 per 10 checks

Leyden On-Line

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Leyden Online Monthly Usage
(transfers, loan pymts, etc.)

No Charge / FREE

Electronic Bill Payment Service
(Requires LCU Checking Account)
No Charge / FREE
LCU Mobile App Monthly Usage
(Apple & Android Devices)
No Charge / FREE
(Viewable within Leyden Online)
No Charge / FREE

VISA Check Card

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Signature Transactions (Credit) FREE
PIN Transactions (Debit) FREE
Monthly Charge NONE
NOTE: The VISA Check Card requires a Leyden CU checking account. Open one today and enjoy shopping convenience!
Your Leyden VISA Check Card can be used at any location that accepts VISA and at most ATM's. Transactions made at an ATM are subject to the ATM Usage charges.

ATM Usage

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ATM Deposits FREE
ATM Withdrawals* $1.00/ea.
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00/ea.
* Transactions made at a Leyden CU owned ATM are always
when you use your Leyden CU ATM or Check Card.
* Transactions made at a Co-Op Network ATM are always Surcharge-FREE when you use your LCU ATM or Check Card.
* Members with qualifying Direct Deposit receive 4 FREE
withdrawals per month (ATMs not owned by Leyden CU).
* You may be assessed a surcharge by the ATM owner.
[Find a Surcharge-Free ATM near you]

+ Adjustments to Service Charges are published via newsletter at least 30 days prior to implementation.

View Account Disclosures for terms and conditions.

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